Wednesday, January 5, 2011

101 Strings - Astro Sounds From Beyond the Year 2000

01. Flameout
02. Re-Entry to Mog
03. Space Odyssey
04. Astral Freakout
05. Orbit Fantasy
06. Barrier X-69
07. A Disappointed Love with a Desensitized Robot
08. Where Were You in 1982
09. Trippin' on Lunar 07
10. A Bad Trip Back to '69
11. Karma Sitar
12. Whiplash
13. Instant Nirvana

Originally recorded in 1969, Astro Sounds was easy listening's response to psychedelic acid rock. Unlike all the previous 101 String albums, whose gentle, tuneful travelogues were suitable dinner music, when poor housewives ripped the shrink-wrap off this Pandora's Box of acid-laden rock, all hell broke loose! Fuzz-ed out guitars, heavy drums and strings, yes strings(!), all collided to create what has become one of the top cult classics of the psychedelic era. Even Goldmine recently listed Astro Sounds among the top wish-list "incredibly strange music" albums begging to be re-issued.
Here in all its B-movie, LSD party-sequence glory are songs like "Astral Freakout," "A Disappointed Love With A Desensitized Robot," "Trippin' On Lunar 07," and the futuristically titled "Where Were You In 1982?" Also featured as the rare bonus tracks "Karma Sitar", "Whiplash" (with real whip sound effects) and "Instant Nirvana."
And now this classic album has been expanded to include 3 additional tracks of exotic, digially remastered, psychedelia: "Karma Sitar," "Instant Nirvana" and the legendary "Whiplash," featuring the ecstatic sighs of Bebe Bartron amidst the sounds of whips being cracked!
Yes, here's an album whose zaniness has made it a must-have for both the lounge scenesters as well as lovers of psychedelic rock and incredibly strange music. Over 130 players turned on with the sights and sounds of tomorrow together with a swingin' rhythm section from Britain! The result is a program with a sound dimension that is out of sight - perhaps the most astounding trip ever to be taped.


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