Sunday, January 10, 2010

Streetdancer - Rising (1976)

Streetdancer - 'Rising' released 1976 on Dharma Records

1 Presence 2:57
2 Cosmocossic 4:35
3 Visualization 4:12
4 Yonnie's Tune 12:35
5 Maitreya 5:10
6 Reunion 6:34
7 Bridges 4:05
8 Moon in the Water 9:02

Streetdancer - 'Steps'(EP) released 1980

1. Joker and the Thief
2. On and On Part 1
3. Journey Into the Night


Kestutis Stanciauskas - bass guitar
Robert Long - keyboards
Andy Potter - drums and percussion
Roger Glienke - guitars

Guest Artists:
R.E.(Ari) Brown - saxophone
Adam Rudolph - percussio
Berenice Brooks - percussion
Steve Eisen - saxophone

Kestutis Stanciauskas organized "Streetdancer" as a quartet in 1973. The fundamental purpose for the ensemble was and is to play original compositions using improvisation and original composition as the foundation for creativity. By 1974 Streetdancer released their first self-titled album on Future Records. This first release gained a four star review in Downbeat Magazine.

Performing extensively in and around the Chicago area, Streetdancer changed personnel. The addition of guitar expanded the ensemble to a sextet. Kestutis Stanciauskas - bass, Robert Long - keyboards, Andy Potter - percussion, Roger Glenke - guitar, Chris Miller - violin, and Chico Freeman (son of the great Chicago saxophonist Von Freeman) - saxophone, quickly gained the attention of Dharma Records which resulted in the release of Streetdancer's second album - "Rising".

Streetdancer's third release "Steps" resulted in being picked as one of Billboard Magazines top New Jazz albums. Streetdancer was included in a digital CD compilation that included such artists as Ella Fitzgerald, Mannheim Steamroller and the Cleveland Symphony Orchestra. This was released in Japan and Germany.