Friday, March 12, 2010

Mad Platter

the Mad Platter, was opened in the early 80's and after moving around the greater Riverside area, we have settled in University Village located a stones throw from UCR. The Mad Platter has been a haven for soul, oldies, new vibes, old vibes, college underground rock & noise as well as a place to pick up underground Hip Hop 12" singles, punk rock records & a wealth of out of print records & CD's. Their knowledgeable staff is capable of answering most of your musical questions. Drop on by sometime to check it out... they got a buncha really COOL STUFF!! might even find the record yer LOOKIN' FOR there...or maybe not, but yer always sure to find something COOL! there!, if yer around, go CHECK IT OUT!'ll be glad ya did!

my brother, KEN, is a manager there...he knows his stuff...he'll help ya out...they all will...they're good peeple...they all know their stuff...