Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Voodoo Drums In Hi-Fi (Atlantic, 1958)

this 1958 entry into the Hi-Fi genre has some cool on-location recordings of genuine Haitian Voodoo ceremonies, primarily as performed by "country group amateurs".

01 Contradanse- Avant Simple With Flute
02 Ti-Roro Drum Solo I
03 Ti-Joe Carabien
04 Meringue With Flute
05 Nan Point La Vie Encore Oh!
06 Laissez Yo Di
07 Rara Riffs
08 Contradanse- Avant Simple With Accordion
09 Annonce on Zange Nan Dlo
10 Contradanse- Avant Simple And Meringue With Flute
11 La Misere Pa Douce!
12 Ti-Roro Drum Solo II

"Haiti may be a dark enigma to most of its visitors, but if one learns the language of the drums, the life and mind of its people open to you like a flower. The drums are never silent; day and night they sound from some vague distant place, muffled but distinctly articulated like a heart-beat. [...] The drum rhythms -- as well as the art of making drums -- came from Africa. [...] From Africa also came voudoun, which is a religious ceremonial and also a deeply ingrained attitude to life and the nature of things[...] Through the boungan (the voudoun priest), man converses with nature. Through him, man supplicates for protection against impending dangers, and through him, sometimes, man strikes at an enemy."


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